Does a large-sized div affect on not showing Google Ads on mobile devices?


My website has a main article div, which has a width of 2358px. It is too big when loading it on mobile devices. But I am scaling it down dynamically when it’s loaded on a smartphone. Will Google Ads appear inside that big div? If the Ad has a width of 300px as it’s a phone Ad, then it will look very tiny. It doesn’t mater if it’s tiny, I can fix this. But my concern is, will Google be able to display Ads calculating the size from a big 2358px main container or should I set a small like 500px parent div for the Ad unit code? I kind of hoping that the Ads should appear on both cases even if the parent div is too big 2358px in width.


You can use Ads with a fixed size, but I would recommend you to set all Ads into their own parent container, especially for better styling and width/height adjustments.

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