Does IntelliJ have a `Ctrl` + `K`,`Ctrl` + `D` Sublime equivalent? How do I skip a match when using Alt+J for multiple selections in Android Studio?


I want to have the ‘Ctrl’+’K’,’Ctrl’+’D’ functionality of Sublime in Android Studio, how do I do it?

Perfectly similar to this question, but with respect to Android Studio.
How do I skip a match when using Ctrl+D for multiple selections in Sublime Text 2?

I use Ctrl+D to add to selection (discrete multiple select) the next occurrence of the string (or substring) highlighted. And to skip adding next immediate selection to selection but the one after it, I use Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D. How do I do the same in Android Studio.

I just know Alt+J is similar to Ctrl+D (found from Keymappings in Android Studio).

And to deselect the last selected it’s Alt+Shift+D.

But how do I skip next occurrence?

My question is in no way related to:
Does IntelliJ IDEA have a `Ctrl` + `K`, `Ctrl` + `D` equivalent?. That’s Visual Studio equivalent. I want the SublimeText equivalent.


It is described in this Issue that was initially created because this skip-next was missing.

Anyhow you just press F3 to skip next possible selection.

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