does SpringBoot embedded server Fully support java EE?


I need help understanding, so SpringBoot has an embedded server like tomcat or jetty ik
but when it comes down to full java EE features ik Jboss is a server that supports that, while tomcat has some limations. So does that mean when i need to use those features i would need to deploy my project to an external server (Jboss) and not use the embedded one within springBoot? Ik the Jar file provided is an embedded server but tomcat has some limitations so does it mean i need to create a war file and upload to jboss so i can access those features?

tried looking on google this what i got "Tomcat doesn’t implement all the features required of a Java EE application server. The accurate title for Tomcat would be either “web server” or “servlet container”

so does this mean if i want to use features supported from jboss i would need to package my project as a war file so i dont have to use the embedded server within spring?


Spring Boot includes an embedded Tomcat server, which is what is used to run your application when you run it from the command line. Spring Boot is not a Java EE application server, so it does not include all of the features of a full Java EE application server like JBoss.

However, Spring Boot does include support for many of the features that are commonly used in Java EE applications, such as dependency injection and transaction management. If your application only needs these features, then you can use the embedded Tomcat server in Spring Boot and you don’t need to deploy your application to an external application server like JBoss.

If your application requires features that are not supported by the embedded Tomcat server, then you will need to deploy your application to an external application server like JBoss. In this case, you would need to package your application as a WAR file and deploy it to the JBoss server.

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