Download XML from REST endpoint with AngularJS


How can I download an XML file when I call a REST endpoint (which responds in XML format) with AngularJS?

So the flow is simple, I have created a button on the UI which makes a call to a REST endpoint (which has a response in an application/xml format) and its response should come as a download on the UI.


If I understand the question correctly (use the browser’s download functionality when the user clicks the link), then this is not a question about angular really.

In order to cause a file to download you need to do two things:

  1. Attempt to navigate the browser to the URL that returns the XML (i.e. don’t make an AJAX request for it).

    e.g. <a href=">Click here</a>

  2. Ensure the XML content is being served with headers that would force a download. If you don’t do this, the browser may attempt to render the XML itself rather than downloading it. You could try either setting the Content-Type header to be applicaton/octet-stream or look into using the Content-Disposition header:

    Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=someFileName.xml;

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