Drag not functioning in frameless window in electron 14 and 15


I have been successfully using the official documentation to get frameless draggable windows in electron. It worked just fine with electron 10.x, I recently updated to 13.3 and it worked as well. But since version 14 and 15 the drag doesn’t work anymore on Windows machines (works fine on Mac).

I double checked that my div had a proper width and height and that it had the -webkit-app-region: drag property, and that no other element was overlapping.

The last comments in this old-closed-related issue seem to indicate that I am not the only one facing this issue.

Has anybody the same issue ? Solved it ?

Should I open a new issue on the electron repository ?


Thank you pushkin, I just read the issue you mentioned, and tested on my project by setting the resizable parameter to true and my window was again draggable. This confirms that I am facing the same bug.

So the answer is : follow this issue to keep updated

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