Dynamic naming SerializedName top-level object with GSON


I am new to programming. I have an app that retrieves json data from api using retrofit but I have small issue, json response contains dynamic top-level object:


  "ISBN:0-7868-5629-7": {
    "bib_key": "ISBN:0-7868-5629-7",
    "info_url": "https://openlibrary.org/books/OL25747413M/The_Lightning_Thief",
    "preview": "borrow",
    "preview_url": "https://archive.org/details/lightningthief0000rior_u3l0",
    "thumbnail_url": "https://covers.openlibrary.org/b/id/7357496-S.jpg",
    "details": {...}


data class JSONModel(
    @SerializedName("...") //<-- don't know how to annotate, should contain ISBN:<ISBN number>
    val isbn: ISBNModel

How can I annotate dynamic top-level json object in this case?

It seems like Gson is failing to deserialize without using @SerializedName(…) annotation, I used static value to check and it worked. After I remove the annotation, response body is null. Is this annotation required?


Removing JSONModel data class and using Map<String, ISBNModel> instead solved the problem as it was mentioned by @Marcono1234

In my case, as I am using retrofit:

call.enqueue(object : Callback<Map<String, ISBNModel> { ... })

this will solve it

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