EAS Build:configure… git command not found


EAS is giving me sass with building my react native app. If I run eas build [andoid,ios, or all] I get the following message:

Your Android project is not configured to build with EAS. Set it up now? ยป (Y/n)

I hit ‘y’ and then get this message.

Error: git command not found, install it before proceeding.

What git command? How do I install it? I can’t find any other reference to anyone else having this problem. Any Ideas? Let me know if I can post any other information to help.

My eas-cli version is as follows: eas-cli/0.20.0 win32-x64 node-v12.19.0

This was a managed workflow that I then ejected to a bare workflow, but I was having this issue even before the eject


You should check first if git is in your %PATH% (Windows) or $PATH (Linux/Mac)

Simply type git version, before eas build: if the command fails, that would explain the error message.
If you don’t have Git installed, install it first.

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