Easiest way to launch a MAUI app exe on Windows?


Is there a way to run the exe on a Windows desktop without doing the installer and deployment steps? I noticed everything needed ends up in the AppX folder under bin\debug\win10-x64 but because of the App Store integration it seems like it can only be launched via the start menu shortcut. Is there a way to manually create the shortcut? I’m in a dev/qa environment where we share & pass utilities around and it’s kind of a pain to run an installer every time.

I’m down for making a simple reg script, if that’s what it takes.
It looks like a reference is added in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AppModel\Deployment\Package\*

And the details appear to be setup here:


You can create an executable application from an exe using the following method, but since it is only a backdoor method, it may cause some problems.


Add a WindowsPackageType tag that holds None in the PropertyGroup tag in the csproj file.



Modify the launchSettings.json file in the Properties folder in the project as follows

  "profiles": {
    "Windows Machine": {
      "commandName": "Project", ‚ÜźRewrite from MsixPackage to Project
      "nativeDebugging": false


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