Eclipse says my SDK tools are out of date when they're not


When I open up Eclipse it tells me that my SDK tools are out of date. Eclipse says my current version is 17 and I can update it to 20. This is a lie; when I open the SDK Manager, my SDK tool are 20.0.1. But when I open up the SDK Manager VIA Eclipse, the SDK tools change to version 17. I already looked at Eclipse: won't let me use Android SDK, wrongly claims my ADT is out of date but it still wouldn’t work. I deleted Eclipse and started fresh by downloading Eclipse and installing the Android repository(ADT) to Eclipse. No luck, still tells me SDK tools are 17. So I decided to play along and clicked "Open the SDK Manager" window in Eclipse. The Manager popped up and clicked "install 1 package" (SDK Tool). Halfway through, it stops and says the android-sdk/tools directory is locked by java.exe and cmd.exe so I opened Windows Task Manager and ended the "java.exe" process. And what do you know? My Android SDK Manager Windows just closed. How the am I was supposed update the SDK Tools if the SDK Manager is going to interfere with itself?


Turns out, Eclipse was looking for the SDK Tools in the wrong place. Eclipse was looking for the tool in C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk directory. The ACTUAL TOOLS was in C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk. The SDK Manager will tell you where the tools are. You can tell Eclipse in the preferences (under the Windows) to look in that directory.

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