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I recently bought a Template webpage with AngularJS. But I can’t edit any content of that

When I use "Inspect elements" in my browser, I can see all of tags such as "div", "table", "a" and etc., But in page source I just can see some tags like "script" and "link"

For example THIS PAGE (Unfortunately this link has expired)

How can I edit pages content?


In Script folder there is a file config.router.js , where you can find the list of the html page.

like this is your url : http://flat.ideanetwork.co/angular/?layout=0#/app/dashboard

you have to refer templateURl for the html page.

for that you have to check below code in config.router.js file

.state('app.dashboard', {
              url: '/dashboard',
              templateUrl: dashboard,
              data : { title: 'Dashboard' },
              controller: "ChartCtrl",
              resolve: load(['scripts/controllers/chart.js'])

Similarly you can check for other pages.

Answered By – chirag satapara

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