ejs template variable is not defined on page load and errors


I have a form submitting to an express app:

app.post('/myform', function (req, res) {
    var content = new registration(req.body);
        res.render('registration',{error: errObj});
    } else {

If there are any errors in saving the form data to mongoDb I want to display those errors at the top of the form so I’m passing the error object back to the ejs template:

<% if (error) { %>
   <li><%= error %></li>  
<% } %>

But when I initially load the page and there are no errors yet (because the form has not been submitted) I’m receiving an error on the page and the form is not rendered:

error is not defined

How can I get around this?


You could use a value in the error property that won’t get through into the if:

res.render('registration', {error: false});

Answered By – Amit

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