Error message – Creating a new Key store (PKCS12) (Android Studio)


I would like to publish my app on the Play Store. Therefore at first I need to create a signed APK. Everytime I would like to create a new Keystore two error messages appear (see below).

First one:

Warning: No support for different storage and key passwords for PKCS12
KeyStores. The user-defined value -keypass is ignored.

By clicking on "OK", another error message appear (see screenshot)

Second one:

enter image description here

I fulfilled all the necessary input fields for the keystore as in the developer description from Android mentioned (

PS: I’m using the latest Android Studio version

Please, I hope someone knows a solution for this problem because Google/I couldn’t find a solution yet.

Thank you in advance


Solved!!!!: To work around this issue, enter the same password for both the key and keystore!!

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