error TS2339: Property 'endsWith' does not exist on type 'string'


I get this error on the code block below.

error TS2339: Property 'endsWith' does not exist on type 'string'

let myList = angular.element(elem).attr("href").split("/");
let last = _.last<string>(myList);
if (last.endsWith("something")) {
   return last;

I have also discovered this link that shows that there is a function endsWith(...).–typescriptServices/classes/typescript.stringutilities.html

Do I miss some .d.ts file or what?


endsWith is an ES6 function so you need to target ES6 in your TypeScript compiler settings or you can add an interface for it:

interface String {    
    endsWith(searchString: string, endPosition?: number): boolean;


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