Error: unknown flag `p' when trying to run ionic cordova run android


I have an ionic cordova project in which i tried to run with ionic cordova run android (sometimes with sudo too) and it returns me this error: error: unknown flag p' and /usr/bin/snap: Command failed with exit code 64.

I have tried reinstalling node, npm, ionic and cordova but it hasn’t worked out for me :/
I also have removed platforms, removed plugins, node_modules but no luck also.

When i do a ionic cordova prepare android, the script runs perfectly but i get this error when i try to run or emulate it

My node version is v10.24.0, npm version 6.14.11, ionic 5.4.12 and cordova 10.0.0


I have finnaly solved it by uninstalling gradle and then installing it again on version 5.6.3

Answered By – Haroldo Beyer

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