Error with custom layer when using tf.function


I created a classification model using LSTM and Attention (custom layer). The model trains fine with or without using tf.function. But it gives this error when I use tf.function with gradient tape

ValueError: tf.function only supports singleton tf.Variables created on the first call. Make sure the tf.Variable is only created once or created outside tf.function.

Attention Layer

class Attention(tf.keras.layers.Layer):
    def __init__(self,**kwargs):
    def build(self,input_shape):
        self.W=self.add_weight(name='attention_weight', shape=(input_shape[-1],1), 
                               initializer='random_normal', trainable=True)
        self.b=self.add_weight(name='attention_bias', shape=(input_shape[1],1), 
                               initializer='zeros', trainable=True)        
    def call(self,x):
        e = K.tanh(,self.W)+self.b)
        e = K.squeeze(e, axis=-1)   
        alpha = K.softmax(e)
        alpha = K.expand_dims(alpha, axis=-1)
        context = x * alpha
        context = K.sum(context, axis=1)
        return context

My model –

class TweetClassificationModel(tf.keras.models.Model):
    def __init__(self,rnn_units,vocab_size,embedding_weights,emb_dim,input_len,
        self.emb = Embedding(vocab_size,emb_dim,weights=[embedding_weights])
        self.lstm = LSTM(rnn_units,return_sequences=True)
        self.dense = Dense(100,activation='relu')
        self.dropout = Dropout(dropout)
        self.out_put = Dense(1,activation='sigmoid')
        self.input_len = input_len 
    def call(self,x):
        x = self.emb(x)
        x = self.lstm(x)
        x = Attention()(x)
        x = self.dense(x)
        x = self.dropout(x)
        x = BatchNormalization()(x)
        return self.out_put(x)
    def summary(self):
        x = Input(shape=(self.input_len,))
        m = Model(x,
        return m.summary()

It referred me to this link. Wasn’t of much help though


@xdurch0 is right. You shouldn’t be creating the layers inside the constructer function and then again in call() function. As per the error, tf.Variable is being created more than once, this is because you are initiating both the Attention and BatchNormalization layers as it is inside the call function. What you should be doing, is this –

def build(self,input_shape):
    self.attn = Attention() = BatchNormalization()
    '''and all the rest of the layers too, the same way they have been defined in the constructer function'''

You can create layers inside the __init__() function, but its recommended to use the build() function instead, for this

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