Expected spy dispatch to have been called with: object but actual calls were: undefined


please I have been trying to troubleshoot why I am getting this error with the mockStore.

Expected spy dispatch to have been called with:
  [ Object({ allItem: Object({id: 1, name: milk, price: 5}), type: ‘[Item List] Item List Success' }) ]
but actual calls were:
  [ Object({ allItem: undefined, type: ‘[Item List] Item List Success' }) ]

I have the following configuration

 let store: MockStore<{item: Item}>;
 let initialState = { id:0, name:'', price:0}
 provideMockStore({ initialState })
 store = TestBed.inject(MockStore);

I also tried to remove <{item: Item}> from the MockStore, still the same result.

  it('should dispatch the item’,  () => {
    const storeSpy = spyOn(store, 'dispatch').and.callThrough();

    const item: Item = {
      id: 1,
     price: 5

       retrieveItemList({allItem: item })

Below is my action function

export const retrieveItemList = createAction(
    '[Item List] Item List Success',
    props<{allItem: Item}> ()

Below is my AppState

export interface AppState {
    item: Item ;

I don’t have a problem with the implementation, it works perfectly fine except the unit test that is failing.
Below is the function for adding to cart

public addCart(): void {
         retrieveItemList({ allItem: this.item})

I don’t have problem testing the router.navigate or working on selection using overrideSelector. Only this dispatching that is giving me error.
Please, pardon me if this is something I should know… a second eye would help me figure out my mistake.
I went through the discussion here, I implemented using the setState() but the same error.


there is an assigment of item to the component field missing

 const item: Item = {
      id: 1,
     price: 5
component.item = item; // this line is missing

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