Express validator fails to validate data correctly


Hello i am using the latest version of express-validator to validate my requests body, the problem is when i am using notEmpty() or not().isEmpty() it always shows an error with prsonalized message i putted "text field is required" even when the text field is not empty
this is my validator.js file

import { body } from "express-validator";

export const checkPost = () => {
  return [
    .withMessage("text field is required")


this is my route.js :"/", checkPost(), uploadImg, createPost);

and this is my controller.js

export const createPost = async (req, res) => {
 try {
   const errors = validationResult(req);

   if (!errors.isEmpty()) {
     return res.json({ errors: errors.array() });
   } ....

this is the response i get :

"errors": [
        "value": "",
        "msg": "text field is required",
        "param": "text",
        "location": "body"

Can anyone help me please ?


After many hours of search i found that the express-validator middleware should be called after the usage of multer so changing my route this way solved the problem"/",uploadImg, checkPost(), createPost);

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