ExpressJS req.body is empty JSON


When I hit my POST endpoint with JSON using Postman, my expressJS application wrongly claims that my JSON is an empty object.


express: "4.17.1"
npm: ‘7.11.1’
node: ‘15.12.0’



const express = require( 'express' );
const app = express();
const controller = require ( './modules/controller' );
app.use( express.json() ); '/broken', ( req, res ) => req, res ) );

controller.js = async ( req, res ) =>
    const body = req.body;
    log.debug( `body received from request ${JSON.stringify( body )}` );

Postman config:

POST body (raw):



Content-Type: application/json

Expected behaviour:

Logs out: body received from request {"a"="b"}

Actual behaviour:

Logs out: body received from request {}



Just wanna point out that the issue may come from Postman. When you create a new call on Postman the default body (raw) type it uses is "text". It needs to be set to JSON instead.

Answered By – Nick Gr

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