fakeredis between multiple django views


I have a test which involve multiple Django views

It seems that the fakeredis isn’t shared between multiple views
I tried running the following code:

import fakeredis
from testfixtures import Replacer

class TestWithFakeRedis(TestCase):
    def setup_redis(self, test_func):
        fake_redis = fakeredis.FakeStrictRedis()
        with Replacer() as replace:
            replace('app1.views.redis_connection', fake_redis)
            replace("app2.views.redis_connection", fake_redis)
            replace("app2.views.redis_connection", fake_redis)

    def test_something(self):
         def test_func(redis_connection):
            # some testing coded here

the fakeredis can’t be passed between multiple views and it’s something that I need

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my solution involved using unittest.mock.patch:

import fakeredis
fake_redis = fakeredis.FakeRedis()

@patch("app_name1.views.redis_connection", fake_redis)
@patch("app_name2.views.redis_connection", fake_redis)
@patch("app_name3.views.redis_connection", fake_redis)
class TestSomethingWithRedis(TestCase):

if you want to check query inside your test(s)
use fake_redis

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