Fill dataframe row-whise from a list, where every nth values begins a new row


hopefully you can help me.

I have created a dataframe with 25 columns, rows are empty so far.

column_name = df[0].values.tolist()[0:25]


Then deleted the \t and put these list of 25 values as column names of an empty dataframe.

Now I have a list that contains 16350 values.

Every 25th value should start a new row. Which means I will have later have 654 rows with 25 filled columns. So from list shape (16350,1) to a dataframe (654,25)




The beginning of the first row is ‘1654786811.282628’ – Beginning of the second: ‘1654786811.381790’

So I need a row-whise filling of a dataframe out of one list of values.

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you can use numpy.reshape to achieve that.

See on a simpler data of 3 columns:

data = [ "Tom", 32, 85, "Jerry", 35, 50, "Mickey", 40, 10, "Mouse", 20, 12 ]
pd.DataFrame(np.array(data).reshape(4,3), columns = ["name", "age", "height"])

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