Find document $in with string array Mongoose match all the text cases


I am currently working with MERN stack for an E-commerce website

I am finding a syntax in Mongoose like:

Product.find({ brands: {$in : ["Brand1", "brand2", "BRAND3"], $option: 'match all cases'}})

I expect the result will match all Products that have brand1 or Brand1 or BRAND1, Brand2 or brand2, and so on…

How can I solve it in Mongoose v6.0.13?


If want to execute in mongoDB compass use below query

Product.find({brands :{$in:[new RegExp('brand1', 'i'), new RegExp('brand2', 'i')]}} )

If using mongoose use

Product.find({ brands:{$in:[{ $regex: new RegExp('brand1', "i") }, { $regex: new RegExp('brand2', "i") }] })

Answered By – Priyanka Sankhala

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