[Fixed] A problem with "No value accessor for form control with name"


I’m preparing a stackblitz for a problem that I have with child-parent communication, but along the way, I’ve been confronted with a different issue, namely, I’m getting the following error: No value accessor for form control with name: 'endDateFC'. This happens also for startDateFC.

I tried the following things from SO:

  1. I added ReactiveFormsModule and FormsModule
  2. I removed the duplicates of FormsModule. I have the import only in the app.modules.ts

According to: No value accessor for form control

  1. I didn’t mix label and input. There is no name collision.
  2. I have all declarations, imports, etc.
  3. formControlName is located on the value accessor element

What is wrong with my code?
Here’s the stackblitz: https://stackblitz.com/edit/primeng-calendar-v-zdd3of?file=src/app/postpone-dialog/postpone-dialog.component.ts


According to this thread and this one to understand, adding ngDefaultControl next to the formcontrol name solves your problem: stackblitz fixed

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