[Fixed] add hyperlink to a column in igx-grid


I want to know how can I add a hyperlink to a single column in igx-grid?
Here is a sample data:

  export const DATA: any[] = [
     OrderID: 10524,
     SaleAmount: 3192.65,
     CategoryName: "Beverages",
     CompanyName: "Berglunds snabbköp",
     ShipCountry: "France",
     ShippedDate: new Date("1997-05-07T00:00:00Z"),
     Website: "https://www.infragistics.com/"
     OrderID: 10511,
     SaleAmount: 2550.0,
     CategoryName: "Beverages",
     CompanyName: "Bon app'",
     ShipCountry: "France",
     ShippedDate: new Date("1997-04-21T00:00:00Z"),
     Website: "https://www.google.com/"


Hyperlinks could be added in igxCell via using cell templates:

<igx-column field="Website" header="Website" [dataType]="'string'" [minWidth]='"200px"'>
    <ng-template igxCell let-cell="cell">
        <a class="truncate" href="{{cell.value}}" target="_blank">{{cell.value}}</a>

Here you can find a stackblitz sample demonstrating how to achieve the required behavior.

Additionally, all the IgxCell’s properties are listed in the Infragistics documentation here and more about IgxColumnComponent can be found here.

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