[Fixed] Angular 2+ (ngModelChange) on input on itself


I have number input field and I want to restrict it so max value will be 100. So When user types number by number I want it to be restricted in real time. For this I’m using (ngModelChange).


  • User types 1 its OK,
  • User types again 1, its OK,
  • User types 1 again it will automatically replace 111 with 100, and its OK
  • User types 1 again it should be automatically replaced with 100. but it stays 1001 and it will continue adding numbers regarding ngModelChange restriction.

Here is html code:

<!-- NOT WORKING -->
<input type="number"
       id="period" placeholder="0" min="0"
       max="100" step="1" name="period">

<!-- WORKING -->

It’s controller:

  public period: number;

  onValueChange() {
     if (this.period > 100) this.period = 100;

This will update period but only once. If I continue to type more numbers it wont update the input field. Also maxlength="3" is not working

I tried the same concept but on paragraph and it is working. Probably the problem is only on input field.


Since You updating the model value inside ngModelChange the model value is out of sync with view value. try updating the model value asynchronusly inside settimeout.

onValueChange() {
      if (this.period > 100) this.period = 100;

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