[Fixed] Angular 2 optional route parameter


Is it possible to have an optional route parameter in the Angular 2 route? I tried the Angular 1.x syntax in RouteConfig but received below error:

“ORIGINAL EXCEPTION: Path “/user/:id?” contains “?” which is not allowed in a route config.”

    path: '/user/:id?',
    component: User,
    as: 'User'


You can define multiple routes with and without parameter:

    { path: '/user/:id', component: User, name: 'User' },
    { path: '/user', component: User, name: 'Usernew' }

and handle the optional parameter in your component:

constructor(params: RouteParams) {
    var paramId = params.get("id");

    if (paramId) {

See also the related github issue: https://github.com/angular/angular/issues/3525

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