[Fixed] Angular (7+) Material table with expandable rows – multiple expanded rows at the same time


I am using Material table with expandable row

I would like to have multiple rows expanded on row clicks. The default behavior is to close the previously expanded row upon a new row click. I don’t want the previous ones to be closed, each should be left open until clicked again. How can I do this?


Here is another approach.

Simply make the variable an array

expandedElement: PeriodicElement[] = [];

On the animation section use a function instead of direct checking

[@detailExpand]="checkExpanded(element) ? 'expanded' : 'collapsed'"

And use the same function while adding the class


And on click make a function call. If the element is present remove it from the array and if not present add it


And here are the 2 functions which are used. Please feel free to improve efficiency of the methods. Its a crude method written in a short time for the demo.

checkExpanded(element): boolean {
    let flag = false;
    this.expandedElement.forEach(e => {
      if(e === element) {
        flag = true;

    return flag;

  pushPopElement(element) {
    const index = this.expandedElement.indexOf(element);
    if(index === -1) {
    } else {

You can find the working sample here : https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-x6jz81

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