[Fixed] Angular Cli Webpack, How to add or bundle external js files?


I am not sure how to include JS files (vendors) after switching Angular Cli from SystemJs to Webpack.

For example

Option A

I have some js files that were installed via npm. Adding script tags to the head tag like this does not work. Nor does it seem like the best way.

   <script src="node_modules/some_package/somejs.js">

//With systemJs I could do this

   <script src="vendor/some_package/somejs.js">

Option B

Include these js files as part of the webpack bundle. This seems like the way it probably should be done. However I am not sure how to do this as all of the webpack code seems to be hidden behind the angular-cli-webpack node package. I was thinking maybe there is another webpack config that we might have access to. But I am not sure as I didn’t see one when creating a new angular-cli-webpack project.

More Info:

The js files I am trying to include need to be included before the Angular project. For example jQuery and a third party js lib that isn’t really setup for module loading or typescript.



Last tested using angular-cli 11.x.x with Angular 11.x.x

This can be accomplished using scripts:[] in angular.json.

  "project": {
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "name": "my-project"
  "apps": [
      "root": "src",
      "outDir": "dist",
      "assets": ["assets"],
      "index": "index.html",
      "main": "main.ts",
      "polyfills": "polyfills.ts",
      "test": "test.ts",
      "tsconfig": "tsconfig.json",
      "prefix": "app",
      "mobile": false,
      "styles": [
      "scripts": [
      "environments": {
        "source": "environments/environment.ts",
        "dev": "environments/environment.ts",
        "prod": "environments/environment.prod.ts"
  "addons": [],
  "packages": [],
  "e2e": {
    "protractor": {
      "config": "./protractor.conf.js"
  "test": {
    "karma": {
      "config": "./karma.conf.js"
  "defaults": {
    "styleExt": "css",
    "prefixInterfaces": false

Note: As the documentation suggests in the global library installation: if you change the value of your styles (or scripts!) property, then:

Restart ng serve if you’re running it,

..to see the scripts executed in a **globalcontext via the scripts.bundle.js file.

Note: As discussed in the comments below. JS libs that support UMD modules via es6 imports such as jQuery can also be imported into your typescript files using the es6 import syntax. For example: import $ from 'jquery';.

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