[Fixed] Angular Component display [object Object] instead of value


I have 2 input fields for name and age, I need to display every user I add in a list. However, instead of the name and age, the following is displayed:

[object Object]’s age is [object Object].

My app.Component.ts file is:

export class AppComponent {
     users = []

      addUser(name: string , age : number): void {
       const uniqueId = Math.random().toString(16)

       const newUser = {
           id: uniqueId,

the userList.component.ts file is:

export class UsersListComponent 
    @Input() users;
    @Output() adduserEvent = new EventEmitter<Object>()
    newUsername: string = ''
    newUserAge: number = 0

   setNewUserName (userName : string): void {
       this.newUsername = userName

   setNewUserAge (userAge : string): void {
       this.newUserAge = parseInt(userAge)

   addUser(): void {
       console.log(this.newUsername, this.newUserAge)
       this.adduserEvent.emit({name: this.newUsername , age: this.newUserAge})
       this.newUsername = ''
           this.newUserAge = 0

and the HTML parts are:

In app:

<app-users-list [users] = users (adduserEvent)="addUser($event, $event)"></app-users-list>

In userList:

<input #userName type="text" (change)="setNewUserName(userName.value)" [value] = "newUsername"/>
<input #userAge type="number" (change)="setNewUserAge(userAge.value)" [value] = "newUserAge"/>
<button (click) = "addUser()">Add new User</button>
<div *ngFor = "let user of users" class="user-container">
    <span>{{user.name}}'s age is {{user.age}}</span>   


In your case (adduserEvent)="addUser($event, $event)"
value of $event value will be {name: this.newUsername , age: this.newUserAge} and that is an object. When you pass that object, ofc the name and age parameters in addUser function would be objects and not strings…

You should change either to: (adduserEvent)="addUser($event. name, $event.age)" or to change addUser function to accept object a a parameter:


  addUser(user: {name: string, age: number}): void {
   const uniqueId = Math.random().toString(16)

   const newUser = {
       id: uniqueId,


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