[Fixed] Angular Form Validator input assigned but return error


In my sing-up component i create a form-group for the validation of the input field.

this.UserForm = new FormGroup({
  name: new FormControl('', Validators.required),
  surname: new FormControl('', Validators.required),
  username: new FormControl('', Validators.compose([

so i have the input with its control

  <input #name matInput type="text" [value]="userData.name" formControlName="name"
        (change)="onChangeName(name.value)" required>
  <mat-error *ngFor="let validation of account_validation_messages.name">
        <mat-error class="error-message" 
             && (newUserForm.get('nameUser').dirty || newUserForm.get('nameUser').touched)">

and it works… but… if i use the same componet for the user update it fills the input with


and if i "touche" it… it gives me error like it was empty… but it isn’t…

How can i fix this error???


You should use newUserForm.get('nameUser').setValue( … ) instead of [value]="…" when using reactive forms.

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