[Fixed] Angular: How to detect route changes in current component?


I want to detect a route from the current component and tried something like that. But it is triggered on every route starts and ends. Instead of this, how can I detect only the route changes when routes from this DetailsComponent?

export class DetailsComponent {

    constructor(private router: Router) {

        this.router.events.subscribe((event: Event) => {
            if (event instanceof NavigationStart) {

            if (event instanceof NavigationEnd) {


I need to get the url while navigation from this DetailsComponent and make an operation if the url is not /employees.


The reason your events continue to be detected, is because you are not unsubscribing from router.events when your DetailsComponent is destroyed.

If you simply unsubscribe, it should work for you:

export class DetailsComponent {
  private sub = this.router.events
      filter(event => event instanceof NavigationStart),
      map(event => event as NavigationStart),  // appease typescript
      filter(event => event.url !== '/employees')
      event => console.log('[DetailsComponent] NOT going to "/employees"!', event)

  constructor(private router: Router) { }

  ngOnDestroy() {
    console.log('>> STOP listening to events for DetailsComponent');


Here’s a StackBlitz example.

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