[Fixed] Angular, how to track Map <string, any>() modification?


I’m using Angular 9 and i would like to track when my Map<string, any>() is modified.

Context :

I want to display in a vertical scrolling list the values of my Map using the angular cdk scrolling.

So, cause of cdkVirtualFor data type limitation, i need to create a simple array in order to display my Map data.

So i created it with Array.from(myMap.values());

let myMap = new Map<string, any>(); // My main Map
let myArrayToMyScrollingList = Array.from(myMap.values()); // My array to display feed by My main Map values

So in my HTML Component file, i have :

<cdk-virtual-scroll-viewport [itemSize]="itemSize" [minBufferPx]="itemLength" [maxBufferPx]="itemLength">
     <div *cdkVirtualFor="let item of myArrayToMyScrollingList">
          {{ item  }}

So it’s works.

However when myMap is updated, myArrayToMyScrollingList don’t apply the changement.

How to detect a Map<string, any>() value modification in order to tell my myArrayToMyScrollingList he has to update his value ?

What i’ve test:

  • changeDetection: ChangeDetectionStrategy.OnPush or ChangeDetectionStrategy.Default with @Input() by passing myMap as parameter. But no change detection is found when myMap has a value modification.

Thanks for help,


I sometimes use something like this (generic way):


private myMap = new Map<number, YourTypeHere>();
private myValues$$ = new ReplaySubject<YourTypeHere[]>(1);
public myValues$ = this.myValues$$.asObservable()

public updateMap(key,value) {
   this.myMap.set(key, value);

private updateMyValues() {


<div *ngFor="let item of myValues$ async">

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