[Fixed] Angular: in ngOnInit() My rxjs Fucntion dont run when I reload my component


My Angular application has the following components.

1 MessengerService. This service I am using to send/get data to other components using RxJs.
The code of the service is here.

import { Injectable } from ‘@angular/core’;
import {ReplaySubject, Subject} from ‘rxjs’;

   providedIn: 'root'
 export class MessengerService {
   _Subject = new ReplaySubject(1);
   constructor() { }

     return this._Subject.asObservable();


2 ProductComponent. It has a button with a function and its snippet is here.

     this._MessengerService.SendMessageWithData({ //Sending data to the Messenger Service
     this._Router.navigate(['viewProduct']); //Then routing to the viewProduct Component

3 My Last Component viewProduct Component Here I am getting the data from ProductCompoent using my MessengerService in ngOnInit(): void {} the snippet is following.

 ngOnInit(): void {
                 // some code here

Now coming to my question. When I route to viewProduct from ProductComponent function. it send the data and then in ngOnInit() the GetMessageWithData() work perfectly. But when I reload the viewComponent the function this._MessengerService.GetMessageWithData().subscribe(); in ngOnInit() do not run and the code inside it do not run. Please guide me how to fix this problem.


When you reload, all the app state will be lost. Either you have to come again from productComponent or you need to pass the id of the product as route parameter to viewProduct component and query the data from the Database. This is the standard way of processing.

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