[Fixed] Angular | Inject service into decorator


I am trying to inject a service into a decorator function in which I am creating, this is so I can get the contents that are stored inside of variables.

I currently have a basic decorator setup.

export function canEdit(editName: string, service: Service) {
      return function (constructor: any) {

Where I am using this it is asking me for the second parameter, which obviously needs to be dependency injected.

I have also tried the @Inject(Service) which isn’t allowed within functions.

Is there a way that I can do this?

Or is it possible to get the parent classes variables within the decorator?


Decorators are a TypeScript feature that work outside of Angular’s dependency injection system.

The only solution that I know of is to create a special service that will expose dependencies to the decorator.

export class DecoratorService {
     private static service: Service | undefined = undefined;
     public constructor(service: Service) {
         DecoratorService.service = service;
     public static getService(): Service {
         if(!DecoratorService.service) {
             throw new Error('DecoratorService not initialized');
         return DecoratorService.service;

You can now access the injected service via the above class.

export function canEdit(editName: string) {
      return function (constructor: any) {
          const service = DecoratorService.getService();
          // ^^^ access dependency here

The above will not work unless something in the Angular application depends upon DecoratorService because Angular creates instances when they are needed. So you can inject it into a module to force it to be initialized.

    provides: [
export class MainModule {
    public constructor(service: DecoratorService) {
                      // ^^^ forces an instance to be created

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