[Fixed] Angular material 5 dark theme not applied to body


I’ve created a “custom” theme, (using the theming documentation at https://material.angular.io/guide/theming, which is pretty bad) like this:

@import '[email protected]/material/theming';
@include mat-core();

$ip-primary: mat-palette($mat-indigo);
$ip-accent: mat-palette($mat-pink, A200, A100, A400);
$ip-theme: mat-light-theme($ip-primary, $ip-accent);
$ip-theme-dark: mat-dark-theme($ip-primary, $ip-accent);

.indigo-pink {
  @include angular-material-theme($ip-theme);

.indigo-pink-dark {
  @include angular-material-theme($ip-theme-dark);

My index.html contains this:

<body class="mat-app-background mat-typography">

In the container for the app-root component, I switch between my custom class names (indigo-pink and indigo-pink-dark) using this:

<div [ngClass]="appTheme">

I am also setting the CDK overlay container class to my custom class name using this:

setContainerClass(className: string): void {
  const containerClassToKeep = 'cdk-overlay-container';
  const overlayClassList = this.overlayContainer.getContainerElement().classList;
  const existingClasses = Array.from(overlayClassList);

  existingClasses.forEach(classToken => {
    if (classToken !== containerClassToKeep) {


The main problem is that when I switch into the dark theme, I do see the indigo-pink-dark class name get added to my app component container correctly, but only some styles change (e.g. the toolbar at the top goes dark, and Material components) – the body of the page stays white. The theming guide (and other blog posts) say that using the mat-app-background should fix this exact problem.

Additionally though, if I try manually update the background-color of the body, using e.g.

.indigo-pink-dark {
  @include angular-material-theme($ip-theme-dark);

  body & {
    background-color: #000;

Then this “background-color” just overlays the entire page and you cannot see any elements on the page. This is something to do with the CDK overlay, because if I remove the part that adds the class name to the overlay, it kind of works – the background of the page does get set correctly, but then overlays do not get correct styling.


I had the same issue and found this solution on the Angular Material GitHub issue#3298 (post by JamieStill).

I wrapped all of my app.component.html content in a div

<div class="mat-typography app-frame mat-app-background">

And in app.component.css

html, body, app-root, .app-frame {
    overflow: hidden;
    margin: 0;
    height: 100%;
    box-sizing: border-box;
    color: #e0e0e0;

I’ve only tested this in a practice app in Angular 6, but I suspect it will work in Angular 5 as well.





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