[Fixed] Angular Material: CheckBox in mat-menu; Problem with dark themes


You can’t put a <mat-checkbox> in a <mat-menu> normally. If so, dark themes don’t apply to the text-part of your <mat-checkbox> (see the image at the end).

About <mat-label>s there is a similar issue. But the solution is simple:

  • Using <label mat-menu-item> instead of <mat-label>.

Similarly about buttons.

But I couldn’t find a similar solution for <mat-checkbox>es! These are all states that I tested:

<mat-menu #menu="matMenu">
  <mat-label>Bad label</mat-label>
  <label mat-menu-item>OK label</label>
  <mat-checkbox>Problem here</mat-checkbox>
  <!-- ERROR:
  <mat-checkbox  mat-menu-item>
    Template parse errors:
More than one component matched on this element.
  <label mat-menu-item style="display:inline">Not good workaround</label>


And the result:

enter image description here


There appears to be a way to assign menuitemcheckbox to the role input, on the mat-menu-item directive… unfortunately, I am not clear on how it should work…

<!-- https://github.com/angular/material2/commit/3f1588f562a4abd85d6add87a4f6ed969ba56898#diff-4cc67949abfd84b09e8b7178ac357febR2134 -->
  <button mat-menu-item role="menuitemcheckbox" aria-checked="true">Checked</button>
  <button mat-menu-item role="menuitemcheckbox" aria-checked="false">Not </button>

With that being said, assigning the mat-menu-item class rather than the directive may be a viable workaround.

<mat-checkbox class="mat-menu-item">Problem here</mat-checkbox>  



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