[Fixed] @angular/pwa – How to customize my webmanifest


I have an angular pwa (angular 11.2.8) and I usually generate my production code with

ng build --prod

in the dist folder, i can locate the pwa manifest.webmanifest file

now: I need to change two settings of the manifest file (scope and start url) from

"scope": "./",
"start_url": "./",


"scope": "/",
"start_url": "/index.html",

And I don’t want to do it in the manifest.webmanifest file, as it is not in VCS

where can I store these settings in order to find them in the manifest file at the next build?


The source of the manifest file is at src\manifest.webmanifest (by default), which is (should be, if not already) tracked in the source control. That file is created when adding the @angular/pwa package, and should be checked-in.

You can modify that file, and it will be copied over to the dist output at build time.

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