[Fixed] Angular query params as boolean type, not string


I’d like to pass a query parameter to an *ngIf but this keep evaluating to true due to being a string type. How do I change my query parameter to a boolean so it will evaluate as false?

The query param is ?paywall=true but is still true with the query ?paywall=false


ngOnInit() {
    this.paywallQuery$ = this.route.queryParamMap.pipe(map(params => params.get('paywall')));


<div *ngIf="(paywallQuery$ | async)"> <-- always evaluates as true


Map the value to a boolean by performing a string comparison against 'true'.

ngOnInit() {
  this.paywallQuery$ = this.route.queryParamMap.pipe(
    map(params => {
      const value = params.get('paywall');
      return value ? value.toLocaleLowerCase() === 'true' : false;

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