[Fixed] Angular Querybuilder in a single textbox with auto suggestion of next query


I’m planning to build a query builder using Angular

The feature is like to have a textbox which keep autopopulating the suggestions
[Field + Operator + Value] + (Keyword) + …
Eg – Name = ‘Technosaviour’ OR Age > 2

The autocomplete should give suggestion of fields like [Name, Age]
Then [=, >, <, >=, etc]
Then [Techno, Saviour, Technosaviour]
Then the autocomplete should suggest [And, Or]

Before jumping into full blown coding can anyone suggest any existing libraries available ?
Eg – advance search (using JQL) in jira.

Similar to this https://zebzhao.github.io/Angular-QueryBuilder/demo/ but limited to a single textbox


I did a POC on the project.
Made it work to some extent, feel free to use it or improve it.

Github link


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