[Fixed] Angular: Running ngcc causing performance issues in VSCode


In my Visual Studio Code editor after last updates I see this text in the status bar:

enter image description here

Angular: Running ngcc for project d:/..../tsconfig.spec.json

It looks like frozen or do nothing a while, just spin the arrows.

Before this text I saw a similar one with tscfonfig.json ending…

Since this text is showing in the status my vscode has some performance issues… it became very-very slow. Sometimes, very often the quick import (ctrl-space) isn’t work, not found classes, interfaces what before this update worked well.

What is this? Is it neccessary or can I switch off somehow? Is this maybe a plugin bug?


I had the same issue. I had to turn off FullTemplateTypeCheck in the Angular Compiler Options.

Note: this issue has been resolved in version V11.2.3 of the Angular Language Service VS Code extension.

If you want to disable fullTemplateTypeCheck:

In your tsconfig.json file set "fullTemplateTypeCheck" to false and restart VS Code.

fullTemplateTypeCheck is in the angularCompilerOptions object in your tsconfig.json file.

Here is mine:

  "angularCompilerOptions": {
    "enableIvy": true,
    "fullTemplateTypeCheck": false    


If you upgrade the Angular Language Service VS Code Extension to
V11.2.3. It looks like this problem has been resolved. See here.

I updated the extension to V11.2.3 and I have re-enabled fullTemplateTypeCheck and I can confirm it is working as expected.

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