[Fixed] Angular: where should you put dummy test data for multiple specs?


Given that angular spec files should reside in the same folder as the normal files, given that I want to reuse some dummy data between some different specs, where should I put it?


  a.service.ts (I want to have some dummy test data returned by this service)
  a.service.spec.ts (and use it in this test)
  b.component.spec.ts (and also use it in this test)
  c.component.spec.ts (and this one too)

I could have this dummy test data defined in each of those spec files, but that would result in a lot of duplication.

I am not sure if there is a good, proper way to define this kind of data.


I would just create a ts file and return it as key values with your JSON test data as the value.

export const mockJSON = {
   testkey1: "{\"name\": \"Company List\"}

Then you should be able to grab this as an import anywhere else in the code.

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