[Fixed] Bind to template of formly field on click of other field in angular formly


I have been using a formly form that has a section in which I display dynamic HTML, I made use of the template field in which I am initializing HTML on load. When I click the other field value I need to change this HTML however the value change is assigned but not reflected in HTML UI, I have created stackblitz example for the scenario:

Stackblitz Click here

Please find below code snippet :

Initialized HTML value is following:

htmlValue = '<p>test</p>';

Field value assigned:

{ template : this.htmlValue }

On click of submit button assigned HTML should be expected output:

this.htmlValue = `

          <p class="mb-2"><b>Maximum  Spend Per Cricketer:</b></p>
          <div class="alert alert-secondary border flex-column mb-0">
            <div class="row">
              <div class="col">Snacks:</div>
              <div class="col">$15.00</div>
            <div class="row">
              <div class="col">Breakfast:</div>
              <div class="col">$25.00</div>
            <div class="row">
              <div class="col">Lunch:</div>
              <div class="col">$45.00</div>

How can I achieve this output?


I will use a simple code to explain your problem

let a = 4;
let b = {a}
a= 8;


Its a simple explanatory, you changed a but b didn’t change. Same to your case, you have changed htmlValue but fields is not changed. A simple way to solve this would be to use a getter

  get fields(): FormlyFieldConfig[] {
    return [
        key: "header",
        type: "input",
        templateOptions: {
          type: "text",
          label: "Page Header",
          placeholder: "Enter page header",
          required: true
        template: this.htmlValue

With a getter, whenever the value of htmlValue changes, the value of fields would change


Another option would be to simply change the value of the template section in four formly object

this.fields[1].template = this.htmlValue;

See Demo Here

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