[Fixed] Change angular-google-maps language dynamically


Is it possible to change map language dynamically when language is changed ?
Or at least have the language map changed the next time I access it (after language is changed).

I can set default language on map loading using this code (in mymap.module.ts) :

@NgModule({ imports: [ 
  AgmCoreModule.forRoot({ apiKey: 'MY_KEY',
  language: 'es', }),

And I can get the current language using this.translate.currentLang (in mymap.component.ts).

But I don’t know how I can combine both.


In order to change map’s language, a bunch of localized JS scripts need to be refetched anew. So, you can just try to refresh entire page (JS not Angular) providing wanted language via local storage for example:

  imports: [ 
      apiKey: 'MY_KEY',
      language: localStorage && localStorage.gml || 'en'

to reload your page, use window.location.reload() method

StackBLITZ: https://stackblitz.com/edit/angular-google-maps-demo-f3xzhn?file=app%2Fapp.module.ts

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