[Fixed] Confirm password validation in Angular 6


I want to perform password and confirm password validations using material components only,and an error message below the confirm password field if confirm password field doesn't match And if it is empty.Tried many resources unable to achieve.

Tried this video too.

This is the material component i am looking for

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     <mat-form-field >
        <input matInput  placeholder="New password" [type]="hide ? 'password' 
          : 'text'" [formControl]="passFormControl" required>
        <mat-icon matSuffix (click)="hide = !hide">{{hide ? 'visibility' : 
        <mat-error *ngIf="passFormControl.hasError('required')">
            Please enter your newpassword

      <mat-form-field >
         <input matInput  placeholder="Confirm password" [type]="hide ? 
              'password' : 'text'" [formControl]="confirmFormControl" 
         <mat-icon matSuffix (click)="hide = !hide">{{hide ? 'visibility' : 
         <mat-error *ngIf="confirmFormControl.hasError('required')">
          Confirm your password


     import {Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
     import {FormControl, FormGroupDirective, NgForm, Validators} from 
     import {ErrorStateMatcher} from '@angular/material/core';

            selector: 'asd-set-pass',
            templateUrl: './set-pass.component.html',
             styleUrls: ['./set-pass.component.css']

       passFormControl = new FormControl('', [
        confirmFormControl = new FormControl('', [

             hide =true;


It’s validating the following conditions fine
1)If password and confirm password fields are empty its showing error text.

I want to compare to fields in (.ts) file like how its validating for empty field, and an error to come if confirm password field is empty.


This question could be solved with a combination of these two answers: https://stackoverflow.com/a/43493648/6294072 and https://stackoverflow.com/a/47670892/6294072

So first of all, you would need a custom validator for checking the passwords, that could look like this:

checkPasswords(group: FormGroup) { // here we have the 'passwords' group
  const password = group.get('password').value;
  const confirmPassword = group.get('confirmPassword').value;

  return password === confirmPassword ? null : { notSame: true }     

and you would create a formgroup for your fields, instead of just two form controls, then mark that custom validator for your form group:

this.myForm = this.fb.group({
  password: ['', [Validators.required]],
  confirmPassword: ['']
}, { validators: this.checkPasswords })

and then as mentioned in other answer, the mat-error only shows if a FormControl is invalid, so you need an error state matcher:

export class MyErrorStateMatcher implements ErrorStateMatcher {
  isErrorState(control: FormControl | null, form: FormGroupDirective | NgForm | null): boolean {
    const invalidCtrl = !!(control?.invalid && control?.parent?.dirty);
    const invalidParent = !!(control?.parent?.invalid && control?.parent?.dirty);

    return invalidCtrl || invalidParent;

in the above you can tweak when to show error message. I would only show message when the password field is touched. Also I would like above, remove the required validator from the confirmPassword field, since the form is not valid anyway if passwords do not match.

Then in component, create a new ErrorStateMatcher:

matcher = new MyErrorStateMatcher();

Finally, the template would look like this:

<form [formGroup]="myForm">
    <input matInput placeholder="New password" formControlName="password" required>
    <mat-error *ngIf="myForm.hasError('required', 'password')">
      Please enter your new password

    <input matInput placeholder="Confirm password" formControlName="confirmPassword" [errorStateMatcher]="matcher">
    <mat-error *ngIf="myForm.hasError('notSame')">
      Passwords do not match

Here’s a demo for you with the above code: StackBlitz

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