[Fixed] Create a new object in Angular 11 app based on values in another array of objects


I am having an Angular 11 app in which I have an array of objects as shown below.

details = [
        "name": "firstName",
        "content": "Tom"
        "name": "lastName",
        "content": "Smith"
        "name": "email",
        "content": "[email protected]"

I want to create an object from above array as shown below.

output = {
   firstName: {value: "Tom"},
   lastName: {value: "Smith"},
   email: {value: "[email protected]"}

For simplicity I have only shown 3 objects in the details array but there can be any number of them. So I want the conversion to happen irrespective of the number of objects in the details array. How can I create the above output object? Please help me out.


Not that I’m against to the other answers proposed. As an alternative you can also do it with the help of a "for-of" loop and applying destructured assignment.

const details = [ { "name": "firstName", "content": "Tom" }, { "name": "lastName", "content": "Smith" }, { "name": "email", "content": "[email protected]" } ];
let result = {}
for ({ name: n, content: value } of details) { result[n] = { value: value }; }

MDN Reference – Deconstructuring Assignment

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