[Fixed] Deploy FeathersJS App on Heroku


I’m trying to deploy my feathersjs web app on heroku, and since feathers is simply an express wrapper I thought it was like deploy an ordinary node app. I got the “npm start” script on my package.json, I added heroku remote to my git repo and when I push heroku run “yarn install” and the “npm start” script. But just when the app start, an error occurs:
heroku logs

I can’t figure out what happen, any suggestions?
Maybe I could dockerize my app, someone could help me to find the proper implementation?

Thanks everybody


It is the same as Express but the generated application will by default use feathers-configuration to pull in your application settings. From the error message it looks like you are not providing a proper NODE_ENV environment variable which has to be set to production when deploying to Heroku.

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