[Fixed] Display Pdf in browser using express js


app.post('/asset', function(request, response){
  var tempFile="/home/applmgr/Desktop/123456.pdf";
  fs.readFile(tempFile, function (err,data){

I am a new bie to expressjs, I can’t send the response with the data object.
The binary content is visible in the browser.
Give me suggestions how to handle this ?


I tested your code and it works for me in chrome with one change:
Change app.post to app.get

EDIT: since you seem to think a POST-only server is a good idea, read this: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/other/a-beginners-introduction-to-http-and-rest/
Scroll down until the HTTP verbs and check out the difference between GET and POST. 🙂

Some quick research suggests that other browsers might have other issues, IE for example might expect the URL to end in .pdf. Since I’m on my Mac I can’t test that for you 😉

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