[Fixed] Filtering specific column in Angular Material Table with filtering in angular?


I am using mat-table. It has a filter which works fine.

Filter happened against this below data (All columns)

const ELEMENT_DATA: Element[] = [
  {position: 14598, name: 'Hydrogen', weight: 1.0079, symbol: 'H'},
  {position: 24220, name: 'Helium', weight: 4.0026, symbol: 'He'},
  {position: 39635, name: 'Lithium', weight: 6.941, symbol: 'Li'},
  {position: 42027, name: 'Beryllium', weight: 9.0122, symbol: 'Be'},
  {position: 53216, name: 'Boron', weight: 10.811, symbol: 'B'},
  {position: 60987, name: 'Carbon', weight: 12.0107, symbol: 'C'},
  {position: 70976, name: 'Nitrogen', weight: 14.0067, symbol: 'N'},
  {position: 81297, name: 'Oxygen', weight: 15.9994, symbol: 'O'},
  {position: 90975, name: 'Fluorine', weight: 18.9984, symbol: 'F'},
  {position: 18879, name: 'Neon', weight: 20.1797, symbol: 'Ne'},
  {position: 11209, name: 'Sodium', weight: 22.9897, symbol: 'Na'}


But Now I am trying to change the filter because I want is filter just for "position", "name", "symbol" column. I have gone through this example but Filtering specific column in Angular Material table in angular 5.

I did not understand please help me on this

StackBlitz Code


You have to override the filterPredicate of your dataSource.

Here’s an example of how to do it: Working demo

Essentially, you want to specify what properties in your data the filter is applied to:

this.dataSource.filterPredicate = function(data, filter: string): boolean {
    return data.name.toLowerCase().includes(filter) || data.symbol.toLowerCase().includes(filter) || data.position.toString().includes(filter);

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