[Fixed] Handlebars: Access has been denied to resolve the property "from" because it is not an "own property" of its parent


I am using a Nodejs backend with server-side rendering using handlebars.
After reading a doc array of objects from handlebars, which contains key “content” and “from”.
However when I try to use #each to loop through the array of objects,
the error “Handlebars: Access has been denied to resolve the property “from” because it is not an “own property” of its parent” appears.

I’ve tried to console.log() the data that I’ve fetched in the doc array and everything seems fine.

For some perspective, this is the mongoose query,
I’ve added the object doc as a key inside the res.render arguments.

  .sort({date: -1})
    for(var i=0; i < doc.length; i++){
      //Check whether sender is anonymous
      if (doc[i].from === "" || doc[i].from == null){
        doc[i].from = "Anonymous";

      //Add an extra JSON Field for formatted date
      doc[i].formattedDate = formatTime(doc[i].date);
    res.render('index', {title: 'Confession Box', success:req.session.success, errors: req.session.errors, confession: doc});
    req.session.errors = null;
    req.session.success = null;

This is the portion of .hbs file I am trying to loop through:

 {{#each confession}}
    <div class="uk-card uk-card-default uk-card-body uk-margin uk-align-center [email protected]" >
        <div class="uk-text-bold">Message: </div>
        <div>From: {{this.from}}</div>
        <div>Posted: {{this.formattedDate}}</div>


If using mongoose, this issue can be solved by using .lean() to get a json object (instead of a mongoose one):

  // execute query
  .exec(function(error, body) {
     //Some code

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