[Fixed] Highchart Stock gui does not work in Angular 8


I’m trying to make a graph with Highchart stock in Angular 8.
I want to add "FullScreen" button so I did the following :

In my component I imported required modules :

import * as Highcharts from "highcharts/highstock";
import * as HStockTools from "highcharts/modules/stock-tools";
import * as HFulScreen from "highcharts/modules/full-screen";


In my CSS file I added :

@import "https://code.highcharts.com/css/stocktools/gui.css";
@import "https://code.highcharts.com/css/annotations/popup.css";

Graph options :

stockTools: {
    gui: {
      buttons: [ 'fullScreen', 'separator', 'saveChart' ]
  chart: {
      height : "600px"
  tooltip: {
    shared: true ,
    split :false
  credits: {
    enabled: false
  yAxis: [{
    labels: {
      align: 'left'
    height: '60%',
    resize: {
      enabled: true
  }, {
    labels: {
      align: 'left'
    top: '60%',
    height: '20%',
    offset: 0
  }, {
    top: '80%',
    height: '20%'

  series: [{
    type: 'line',
    id: 'activa-ohlc',
    name: 'AAPL Stock Price',
    data: "ohlc"
  }, {
    type: 'column',
    id: 'aapl-volume',
    name: 'AAPL Volume',
    data: "volume"

Package.json with Highchart’s version :

"highcharts": "^8.0.3",
"highcharts-angular": "^2.4.0",

But I’m getting this error :

ERROR in ../node_modules/highcharts/modules/full-screen.d.ts:17:21 - error TS2304: Cannot find name 

17         fullscreen: Fullscreen;

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks for your help


I found a similar issue reported on the highcharts-angular repository.


It looks like the Fullscreen module requires the Exporting module so to fix the problem you could try importing & initializing the Exporting module.

import HC_exporting from 'highcharts/modules/exporting';
import HC_FullScreen from 'highcharts/modules/full-screen';


Hope that solves your problem. If the following solution won’t help please recreate the issue in an online editor, so I can check what is not working or what could be done.

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