[Fixed] AngularJS My Link equivalent in Angular 2+


In Angular 1.x I can do the following to create a link which does basically nothing:

<a href="">My Link</a>

But the same tag navigates to the app base in Angular 2. What is the equivalent of that in Angular 2?

Edit: It looks like a bug in the Angular 2 Router and now there is an open issue on github about that.

I am looking for an out of the box solution or a confirmation that there won’t be any.


If you have Angular 5 or above, just change

<a href="" (click)="passTheSalt()">Click me</a>


<a [routerLink]="" (click)="passTheSalt()">Click me</a>

A link will be displayed with a hand icon when hovering over it and clicking it won’t trigger any route.

Note: If you want to keep the query parameters, you should set queryParamsHandling option to preserve:

<a [routerLink]=""
   (click)="passTheSalt()">Click me</a>

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